Capturing Real Folds in Cloth

We create large models of cloth by printing a custom pattern on the cloth and photographing it from multiple viewpoints. The bulk of our work focuses on folds -- regions where reconstruction is difficult because of substantial self occlusion.

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Combining Cues: Shape from Shading and Texture

By looking at both shading and texture, 3D reconstructions, accurate to within a few percent of the object size, can be produced from a single view. This method requires a frontal view of the surface, which can either be supplied manually or generated automatically from a video sequence.

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Retexturing Single Views using Texture and Shading

Video of shirts with 'Screen Print Patterns' can be retextured by carefully estimating lighting and roughly estimating texture coordinates.

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Automatic Prediction of Human Attractiveness

Human attractiveness, as gauged by ratings on Hot-or-Not, can be learned (albeit somewhat poorly) by a computer.

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Where is my advisor?

Advisors are busy and can be hard to locate. We have a solution ...

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