Where is my Advisor?

We present a novel method to a unique problem solved in a new way: we use vision technology to aid in the process of vision research. Specifically, we develop an innovative algorithm to determine the presence of our advisor. By creating a system that will identify when our advisorís office door is open, we can attempt to corner him only when necessary, remaining at our desk for longer periods of time to do actual work. We present a synopsis of the vision literature to date along with a working algorithm tested in two environments.

Ryan White, Okan Arikan, Himanshu Arora, Alexander Berg, Tamara Berg, Jim Chan, Jaety Edwards, Ali Farhadi, Leslie Ikemoto, Nazli Ikizler, Adam Kirk, Anthony Lobay, Nicolas Loeff, Michael Maire, Hossein Mobahi, Deva Ramanan, Alexander Sorokin, Jai Vasanth, Linus Wong, and Celal Zifti. Where is my advisor? Submitted, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 2006.


Our advisor is the Baby Eating Bishop of Bath and Wells. Try it on Google image search: baby eating bishop bath wells.


What might happen if we made a tribute shirt ...

Gratuitous video: [DIVX 4.5 MB]