Cloth Capture: Miscellaneous Data

This page provides examples and data from our work in cloth motion capture. This webpage focuses on our pants capture data. If you are looking for other models, refer to our main data webpage. To learn about how we created this webpage, please visit our cloth capture webpage.

We are distibuting data in a number of different files:

  1. MATLAB source data file.

    These files include several different variables:

    • pts: A point matrix that is indexed by point x dimension x frame. In other words, a 10 frame sequence with 2000 points would be 2000 x 3 x 10 (all data is in 3D).
    • tri: A 1 based index into the point array to define the mesh surface. This is (triangles) x 3.
    • texture_pts: Unnormalized texture coordinates indexed as (points) x 2.

  2. ZIPped OBJ files

    This file has the same data as the MATLAB source data file -- connectivity is the same in each OBJ file.

  3. Rendered video

    This video should give you some idea what the data looks like.

If you use this data in a research publication, please cite our related paper:

Ryan White, Keenan Crane, David Forsyth, "Capturing and Animating Occluded Cloth," SIGGRAPH, 2007. bibtex


Sleeve movie High resolution still of a shirt sleeve.

Video [DIVX 1.2 MB]     
Source Data [2.2 MB OBJ file]
(18892 vertices, 37580 triangles, 1 frame)
Cloth drop movie A video capture sequence where a piece of cloth is tossed onto a cup.

Video [DIVX AVI 1.4 MB]     
Source Data [1.8 MB ZIP file]
[900 KB MATLAB file]
(1388 vertices, 2732 triangles, 26 frames)
Flag movie A flag flapping in the wind.

Video [Quicktime 13 MB]     
Source Data [8.6 MB ZIP file]
(540 vertices, 1266 triangles, 450 frames)
Note: This sequence does not have vertex normals.
Coins drop movie Dropping coins on cloth.

Video [DIVX AVI 5.5 MB]     
Source Data [5.2 MB ZIP file]
[2.5 MB MATLAB file]
(2146 vertices, 4188 triangles, 31 frames)

For more information, see our cloth capture webpage.